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Interview at the MTC July 11, 2006

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Another great podcast from Eric Hoffman over at OneLivingTruth.com. In this episode he interviews two missionary teachers at the Missionary Training Center. It lends great insight into how Mormons think, what they are taught, and how their views simply don’t mix with Christian views.

Great work, Eric! Keep chipping away at the crack and eventually the dam will fail. God’s truth will penetrate, spread and flood the land with His grace.

Update on this blog

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I just wanted to update the status of this blog.  After zealously posting my first post below over a month ago, I realized that a lot of passion came out in my writing.  I could tell that my emotions were getting the best of me and I feel I was speaking from passion rather than from a calm, understanding heart.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with passion.  For without passion, then we are all just left with a muted interpretation of real feelings.  But, I do also understand that misdirected passion can lead you off the path that you intended very quickly.

So, to gain a bit of perspective, and to properly understand the hearts and minds of the LDS faithful, I have been attending investigator classes (Institute) at the local ward.  I’ll wait until the investigator series is over prior to posting comments about these classes.  But, I will say that I am totally shocked at the whitewashing that goes on in these classes.  Many of the church doctrines that many outsiders would find unsettling either have a real nice spin to it, or never mentioned at all.

I continue to pray for each person I come in contact with here.  And I realize my obligation as a Christian to speak the truth of Christ.  I pray that the Lord continues to educate me on His will, and His Passion.  I pray that Lord strengthens my mind, softens my heart, and provides me the right words to say so that His true desire be known to all involved at these classes.