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Was Brigham Young a true prophet? June 12, 2007

Posted by tired of lies in : Prophets , 3 comments

What I find interesting is that many LDS members say they have a testimony that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that TSCC is the true church of God.

The interesting part of this, is that this testimony is of Joseph Smith. Why aren’t members asked if they have a testimony for Brigham Young? How do they know their denomination of Mormonism is the correct one?

Mormons love to beat up Christians because of all their different denominations. But, few recognize the different factions within Mormonism itself.

The story of Joseph Smith includes the story of a street corner in Palmyra called “confusion corner”. This is a street corner which has a different church on each corner of the street. This apparently reinforces of how Joseph could have been confused and led him to his quest to find out which church was correct.

Well, fast forward to today… In Independece, MO we find the infamous Temple Lot. There at the Temple Lot any visitor can see that there are several factions of mormonism which have a presence there, all claiming to be the true church of God.

After Joseph Smith’s death, there apparently was confusion and disagreement as to who was God’s next appointed prophet. To this day, there is no agreement on this matter.

This confusion created several factions which include:
1. COJCOLDS (Brigham Young)
2. The Church of Jesus Christ (William Bickerton)
3. Rigdonites (Sidney Rigdon)
4. The Church of Christ (Temple Lot) (Granville Hedrick)
5. The Community of Christ (RLDS) (Joseph Smith III)
6. COJCOLDS (James Strange)
7. Then the offshoot from the B.Young COJCOLDS, FLDS – made famous by Warren Jeffs.

My question to all LDS believers is this – If you have a testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and “know” that the church you currently attend is true, shouldn’t the real question be if Brigham Young is a true prophet of God? or Warren Jeffs? Or Joseph Smith III, or Sidney Rigdon? Or Granville Hendrick?

How do you know that your denomination of Mormon faith is the correct one?

For me, the only constant in this entire conversation is the Bible. It has proven to be a consitant voice in an inconsistant, ever-changing world of circling debate. Only the Bible has more difinitive corroborative resources than any other book on Earth.

I choose to believe in the Bible. I choose to believe in Jesus. I believe that he rose from the grave and validated his life and testimony as described in the New Testament. I believe that He was who he said He was.

Until any other resource (LDS or other) should provide the validity, believablity, and proof that the life of Jesus or the Bible has, I will only believe in the Bible – denominations aside.