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This blog has been created to explore the beliefs of the Mormon church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), commonly referred to as LDS. I am a Christian who dated a Mormon for several years. I grew up in a Christian church, and I was never exposed to the Mormon faith until dating this wonderful woman. However, after years of conversations with my girlfriend I slowly realized that our faiths shared only a few common traits. I noticed that above all things Mormons believe in their church’s founder, Joseph Smith, moreso than Jesus Christ.

This blog will explore this reasoning of faith. When asked, or forced to make a decision, will Mormons choose Jesus or Joseph?

Unfortunately, more times than not, they will choose Joseph.

Matthew 16:15-16, Matthew 10:37-39, Mark 1:16-18

To contact me, please use the Feedback page for general comments. Private emails can be sent to “questions@jesusorjoseph.com“.