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** Disclaimer: I’ve tried to be selective in the blogs and podcast that I link to. I don’t prefer to link to sites which contain much vulgarity and dishonest approaches to faith reasoning. However, that being said, these sites below are run by individuals and often express their personal experiences with Mormonism and their faith. In these blogs and podcasts there is a common bond of frustration, humiliation, anger, and unbelief out of discovering the falsehoods that make up the Mormon faith system. So, please take a look and read/listen to these personal experiences while understanding their frustrations. Having lost their entire faith system, many of them need God now more than ever. **

Fie 2 Kolob

Heart of Darqueness

Jesus not Joseph

Joseph’s Left One

Mormon 2 Catholic

Life in the Fast Lane

Mormon Coffee

Mormon Stories

Mormons and Christians in Conversation

Mormons in the Blogspot

Not A Mormon

Please Convince Me

Reformed Baptist Thinker

Talking to God

The Mormon Curtain – very developed site

Tragic Comedy

Winning by the Rules


The Church Is Not True

Jesus not Joseph

Mormon Stories

The Living Truth